How Do Ductless Systems Work?

A ductless system is the perfect heating and cooling solution for your home. Ductless systems provide quiet and even air distribution, ensuring optimal comfort year-round.

Ductless systems use heat pump technology to distribute cool or warm air more efficiently and quietly than many other methods of heating and cooling, such as electric furnaces, baseboards, or wall heaters. A licensed installer can take a look at your current system and suggest the best ductless system for you.  They should also be able to let you know which utility rebates and state/federal tax credits are available.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit connects to the indoor unit with just a few cables, including a refrigerant line. The cables require only a three-inch hole in the wall for installation, eliminating the need for expensive and invasive ductwork. This unit is typically placed outside of your home on ground level, although it can be mounted on brackets if necessary.

Indoor Unit

The indoor unit is mounted in a central indoor location, preferably on a wall that is close to the outdoor unit. One of the main benefits of ductless systems is individual room temperature control. Everyone can enjoy his or her own temperature in each room. Individual room control also lets you save energy by not heating or cooling rooms with no one inside them. You can also keep your existing system as a backup.

Remote Control

A remote control allows you to adjust your settings and temperature without having to get up from your seat or bed.

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